Stand A Balloon Car Adapter
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Use this Adapter with SAB17 Small Stand A Balloon or SAB24 Medium Stand A Balloon for professional balloon displays. 

The Stand A Balloon Car Window Adapter is uniquely designed to clip over a car window and the Stand-A-Balloon holder with balloon is inserted into the Adapter arm. 

The Stand A Balloon Adapter has the ability to be adjusted to match the  angle of any car window so that the display is always perfectly erect.  For car dealerships, the Adapter provides the ability to insert and remove
the Stand A Balloon and balloon easily so that the car may be  demonstrated by sales staff. 

Both the Car Window Adapter and Stand A Balloon are top quality and have been engineered to withstand 35 – 40 mph winds. 

IMPORTANT: Remove Stand A Balloon and balloon while car is in motion! 

10 Window Adapters Per Bag: $40.00

  • Item #: 062975

Car Window Adapter - 10 Pk

Price: $40.00
5 or more: $35.00 each
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